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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

In recognition of their courage and strength in fighting
Multiple Sclerosis, we pay tribute to the following individuals:
In Support of Anastasia Kennedy
In Support of Angela
In Honor of Ashlee Waite
In Support of Ashley Broadway
In Support of Audrey Elder
In Honor of Bob Caruso
In Support of Carrie Goodwin
In Support of Cathy Kohan
In Honor of Charie Ortiz
In Support of Christy Jackson Mangrum
In Support of Cindy
In Support of Daniel Horton
In Honor of Delores Conroy
In Support of Deric Dermon
In Honor of Di Martinez
In Honor of Dorshon Reed
In Honor of Jennifer Jones
In Honor of JnC
In Memory of Joe I. Farrell
In Support of Kelly Ann Rudolph
In Honor of Kevin Fullerton
In Support of Kim, Ginny, JP, Chris
In Support of Leah
In Memory of Leonard Dale Miller
In Honor of Lerin Davidson
In Honor of Mandy Campbell
In Honor of Mary Christine Geyer
In Honor of MaryJo Zigmund
In Honor of Melissa Alexander
In Honor of Mom
In Honor of My Mom, Maryanne
In Support of my wife, Julia
In Honor of Patricia Waters Fagone
In Honor of Robyn Talbot
In Support of Shane Wismeyer
In Honor of Sharon Ware
In Honor of Skyler C. Caufield
In Honor of Stephanie Vanderhoef
In Support of Teresa Reamy
In Honor of Wilda Marshall

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*Our donations to charitable organizations are not meant to imply that the organization endorses our company or any of the products that we sell. Additionally,
Aqua Moon Keepsakes, LLC is not affiliated in any way with this recipient organization. We have simply chosen it as an organization to which we would like to donate.

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